Hump Day!!!!


Happy Hump Day!! I am back at work today and I felt like I had nothing to wear (happens all the time) so I threw on this super comfy dress that I got from Target a loooong time ago and my comfy nude heels from Target as well! I added my beautiful new necklace for a little bit of color, grabbed my Forever 21 bag and was out the door!!

Since most of my items I am wearing today are older, I put together a very similar outfit for you below if you are interested in any of these items! All of the items below are under $35!!!

The Forever 21 bag is the only item below that I am currently wearing in this post! I am obsessed with this bag as well! It looks similar to the Celine bags but it is waaaay cheaper! I love the grey color and it is a very structured bag, which I love! I hope you are all having a great week and I hope you like this look I have put together for you! Let me know what you think!!

xoxo 🙂
Click on the pictures below for direct links to purchase the items

301746549_232 5090057380_1_1 49258641-03 00076734-02


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