Denver, you are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

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Hello my sweet friends!! Today I wanted to share with you all my trip to Denver over the weekend! My hubby and I were there from Saturday & left Tuesday afternoon. Safe to say we fell in love with Denver and did not want to leave! We had the most incredible time there. The weather was so nice. It wasn’t freezing cold and it wasn’t crazy hot like it has still been here in Cali.

Our friends have a condo in downtown Denver and let us borrow it for an early one year anniversary trip! It was so fun being in a completely different living environment from what we are used to at home. Staying in a big City, like Denver, is so different from home. There are giant buildings everywhere and the architecture is so beautiful. We walked all over and went to many different bars! Our favorite bar was called McLaughlin’s and it was right across the street from our condo. We went there the first night we were there and spent the majority of football Sunday there watching football while drinking bottomless mimosa’s!

While we were in Denver we got to go to Coors Field and watch the Dodgers play!! It was a blast and my hubby loved every minute of it! After that game we walked to many of the local bars and had an absolute blast! We met so many nice people and made new friends each bar we went too! We had pizza pretty much every night and I am not complaining one bit!! It was some of the best pizza we have ever had!! We also ate at a Mexican Restaurant called Lime & and it was incredible!! The chips were homemade and their strawberry margaritas were insanely good!! We went to Coyote Ugly on Monday. We were out shopping at the 16th street mall and we decided to go into Coyote Ugly for one drink and ended up staying there for five hours!!! We had an absolute blast drinking, listening to music, and playing pool.

My husband and I did some sightseeing, shopped, drank, & got to see the dodgers play all over the course of just a few short days. Safe to say I will never forget this trip and I am so thankful we got to experience the beauty of Denver together!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my post on our amazing trip to Denver!!


Ashley xoxo 


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