1 Year Wedding Anniversary// Helpful Hints for Wedding Planning

My sweet hubby and I got married October 4, 2014 at the beautiful Stockdale Country club. We got married under a gorgeous, flower filled archway, outside, on the golf course. Our reception was inside the clubhouse and was the best day of our lives. I hope you enjoy these photos of some of my favorite moments from our wedding and the tips I have for you!

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Photos were taken by J.Michelle Photography

Happy Sunday my sweet friends! Today is mine and my husbands one year wedding anniversary! We are headed to brunch at Stockdale Country Club, where we got married! Then we are spending the rest of the day at home with our sweet puppy, watching football, and cooking some yummy dinner!

I wanted to share some photos from our very special day with you all and give some helpful hints and tips that I did to make the big day as smooth as possible!!

The first thing, I think, is the most important step before you do ANYTHING, is pick your wedding date!! I know a lot of you are thinking, well of course I would pick my wedding date first. Well often times we get so excited and start choosing colors, dress styles, flowers, etc. But you really can’t choose all that fun stuff until you have chose an exact wedding date! Certain colors only work for certain times of the year and certain flowers only bloom certain times of the year. So pick your wedding date first and stick to it!

Next, set a BUDGET!! I was very fortunate and my parents were able to give me a gorgeous wedding, but we still had to set a budget. Here are the items that we looked at first because we knew they would be the most costly: Wedding dress (most important 😉 ) Wedding Venue, Food, DJ/Music Entertainment, Photographer, and Flowers. You will be surprised and shocked (like I was) at how expensive the flowers can be. I suggest looking for all of these vendors first, and getting quotes from them so you can get your budget properly set. It is important to get these big things done first that way you have the biggest items to check off your list!

I want to share with you some of the different websites I used to to purchase wedding decorations, bridal party gifts, and all of my invitations. For the wedding decorations, my mom found this incredible website: They have amazing decorations, great quality, and you can’t beat the prices! Also, PINTEREST became my best friend. You can’t believe the ideas you can get from Pinterest!! It was SO helpful!

For my bridal party gifts, I got the girls personalized robes from Etsy! It was so fun to get ready for the wedding in our robes and the girls can use them after the wedding day! My husband bought his groomsmen copper mugs (they are great for any kind of drink because it keeps it super cold) and filled the mugs with cigars & scratchers! He got the copper mugs from Amazon at a great price and the guys loved their gifts!

For our engagement announcement, bridal shower, and wedding invitations, we used Wedding Paper Divas: I was happy with every aspect of this company. From their website, the way they ship the invitations, to the way they look, everything was perfect. You can make your invitations completely customizable and they send you a preview of your invitation before they mail them to you. They have a large number of designs and colors that you can choose from and they are very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this website for all your invitation needs!

My husband and I decided that it would be best to have our rehearsal dinner two nights before the wedding instead of the typical night before. I am SO glad we did this!!! This gave us all of Friday to set things up for the wedding day and to RELAX!! We were all able to have a great time at the Rehearsal dinner and not have to worry about feeling tired or sick for our wedding day. All of us girls got together Friday afternoon, got our nails/toes done, and had a nice relaxing lunch together. That night my hubby and I had dinner at my parents house with my bother and sister. Then I stayed the night in my old room and my hubby went home! We did keep that part traditional and did not see each other that night and not until I walked down the isle! So, I HIGHLY suggest having your rehearsal dinner two nights before the wedding so you can have one full day of relaxing and preparing before the day of the wedding! 🙂 

The day of the wedding was absolute perfection. I started to feel really nervous, but I kept thinking this is the best day of my life! No need to be nervous! I suggest you take a few deep breaths and relax! Maybe even have a drink to calm those nerves 😉 !! It was everything I had ever dreamed of. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family and we had the best day of our lives. I will never be able to thank my parents enough for their constant support and giving me the wedding of my dreams!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope from my experience and my tips, that this has helped you in some way! For those of you getting married please feel free to leave me a comment for any questions you may have!! I would be happy to help answer them!! I hope you all have a great Sunday and a great work week!


Ashley xoxo 


4 thoughts on “1 Year Wedding Anniversary// Helpful Hints for Wedding Planning

  1. You looked so gorgeous on your big day!! I loved your florals. Mine are going to be pretty similar.

    I am getting married in 5 months! This post was definitely right up my ally 🙂

    -Brooke :


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