Faux Leather Jackets, Booties, & Rocksbox

My beautiful House of Harlow Necklace is from my Rocksbox subscription this month!

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you have all had a great weekend and are spending today relaxing! That is exactly what I am doing today! My home is clean and I am laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing today!

I have a few different things to share today! First off, I am sharing a few favorite faux leather jackets!! These are such a great staple piece to add to your wardrobe. They are a classic piece and always add a fun and edgy look to your outfit! My grey faux leather jacket is from none other than Costco!! Crazy right? My hubby and I were shopping, I stopped by to look at the clothes, saw the jacket, and knew I had to have it! Especially since it was only $20! Always check out Costco’s clothing section! You never know what they may have there! Unfortunately, I could not find my jacket from Costco on their website, so I linked a very similar style from Forever 21!

My black faux leather jacket is from Target! I bought it last year and I love it! You can never go wrong with a black jacket, especially in the Fall & Winter. It really goes with any outfit you put together. Since I bought this jacket last year, they don’t have the exact same jacket as mine, but I did find a very similar one and it also comes in brown! It is also a great price for only $40!

I typically love to shop for faux leather jackets at Target and Forever 21. I believe they have the best prices and quality!

Moving onto the booties! I was so excited I was able to find these booties online for you! I purchased them at TJMaxx a few weeks ago & am happy to say they are on their website as well! You really can’t beat the price for $34.99!! They are very comfortable and super cute!

Last thing I wanted to talk about is Rocksbox! I am happy to say that I am offering a code:  sincerelyashxoxo  for you to get your first month free of Rocksbox! When you are checking out, you will enter my code at the very end to get your first month free!!

If you have never heard of Rocksbox before, then I will tell you all about it!

  • You get three different pieces of designer jewelry sent to you once a month to wear all you want and then send them back. If you love the pieces or one of the pieces they sent you, you can purchase them at a discounted price!
  • You first will go to, create an account, and they will ask you to take a survey to see which type of jewelry you love. They will then take that survey and choose pieces to send to you!
  • Your first month will be free with my code: sincerelyashxoxo after that month is up it is only $19 a month to keep your subscription going! The best part is you can skip a month if you feel like it is not in your budget, or you can cancel your account at anytime, no questions asked. If you feel like you can start Rocksbox up again, you can re-activate your account!
  • Sending back your jewelry every month is super easy as well! The package they send your jewelry in will come with the postage that you need to send back. You put the postage on the front of the package they sent your jewelry in and drop it off at your nearest post office!
  • Rocksbox is so fun because you never know what kind of jewelry you will be getting each month! You are surprised with amazing jewelry and the process of sending it back is so easy! I say, go ahead and try it out for the first month because it will be free on me! If you don’t care for it, then you can cancel at anytime!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Click on the pics below for direct links to purchase! xoxo 

Booties $34.99// Black Jacket $40// Grey Jacket $34.90



Ashley xoxo 


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