A Day at the Salon

Ashley just colored my hair Tuesday. I am obsessed with the darker pieces and how natural she always makes my color look!


Hi ladies and Happy Friday! Switching things up today and talking about some INSANELY good hair products! Ashley Hofstrand, My cousin, one of my best friends, and (luckily) my hair stylist as well, is giving you all the low down on some Fabulous Pureology products and why you HAVE to have them! So grab a glass of wine and read all about why you need these hair products in your life!!


*Description of Products are starting from the left and going to the right

Color Fanatic: A must have leave in spray that will transform your locks. One of the 21 benefits it has is heat protection! (This is my personal favorite product! It has seriously transformed my hair! It has given my hair incredible shine and texture!)

Root Lift: An easy to use spray mousse that will add volume and bouncy lift

Lightweight Smoothing Lotion: A weight free frizz control for anyone with finer hair still looking to smooth out their locks and add some fabulous shine!!

Last but not least…Strengthening Hair Spray: A moveable, touchable finishing spray! It adds so much shine and leaves hair looking healthy and beautiful! This is Ashley’s go-to hairspray for EVERY look! She can’t style without it!

*Fun fact about Pureology’s colour stylist line, each and every one has exclusive anti fade complex (to help colour last longer) + kermis (for added strength and condition)



Ashley also added in some products for day two (and even day 3 😉 ) refreshers!

Sea Kissed Texturizer: A salt free spray to revive and beach up your curls! (This is another one of my absolute FAVORITE products!)

Dry Condition: GAME CHANGER LADIES!! A spray conditioner to add shine, strength, and a beautiful fragrance too! ***MUST HAVE for anyone who wears extensions!


If your stylist doesn’t already use Pureology… you should go ahead and let her in on the amazingness!! Or head on over to and find a salon near you!

One thing I found out from Ashley is that by supporting your local Salon and purchasing products from your stylist, you are helping them to further their education by using the points they earn through YOUR PURCHASE! 😉

Ashley Hofstrand Educator for Pureology/ Stylist at Panache Salon

Make sure you follow Ashley on Instagram for amazing Hair inspiration! @ashleyhoffy

Thank you all so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a fabulous weekend!


Ashley xoxo


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