How I Have Dressed My Bump!


Hi ladies!! I have had so many questions and sweet comments about how I have been styling my bump over the months! It has been challenging at times but also really fun! I have had such a great pregnancy and really enjoyed and embraced my growing belly!

This will be my last post before our sweet girl is here! I want to thank everyone for following along and continuing to support my blog as it grows!! I will be very focused on our baby and will be MIA on here for a while, but please be patient because I WILL be back! 🙂

I did not have to buy very many maternity clothes and I would suggest that you don’t either!! Don’t feel  like you have to go and buy a bunch of maternity clothes right away! I purchased maternity shorts and jeans and they are SO comfortable!! I was able to wear my regular jeans with a belly band for the first few months but after that it was really uncomfortable so I bought shorts from Motherhood Maternity and my maternity jeans from Target! I did purchase a few “tight fitting” maternity dresses that were great for the end of my second trimester and third trimester!

My biggest tip and trick is to simply go up a size or two!! Before I was pregnant I wore a Medium in majority of clothes! While I have been pregnant I can get away with wearing an XL in so many different styles! I just have to make sure the tops are long enough to cover my belly! Target has been such a great place for me to find non-maternity clothes that fit and that are comfortable. Their tanks are always on sale for around $6 and I have stocked up on those!! They are great to lounge in and if you are going to be pregnant during this Fall/Winter season they will be great layering pieces!!!

I also shopped in the Forever 21 Plus Size Section!! Their smallest size is an XL then XXL and the sizes go up from there!! I was just browsing through that section while I was pretty early on in my pregnancy and thought I would give their smallest size a try and it was perfect!!! I was able to wear the two tops and dress I got all the way up to my third trimester!! Even after the baby is here and I won’t be wearing larger sizes, I can still rock the tee’s (because who doesn’t love a loose fitting tee?!!). And I can just wrap a belt around the dress so that I don’t look like it is swallowing me!!

The reason I say don’t spend a bunch of money on maternity clothes if you can is because once you have your baby, you won’t be wearing your maternity clothes any longer. Even though the clothes I have been buying are a few sizes too big, they will be great even after the baby is here! Loose fitting clothes are key after you have your little one and you want to be comfortable!

I mainly shopped at Target (because DUH), Forever 21 Plus Size Section (TRUST ME), Pink Blush Maternity & Non Maternity Clothes, Motherhood Maternity for my shorts, H&M also had some amazing pieces and they have maternity clothes as well!

I hope this post was helpful and like always, please feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions or if you want to share your own maternity style tips!! I would love to hear from you!!

I got tons of questions and comments about my sneakers and bag!! Both are from Target and I have linked them below for you!! Just click on the picture for a direct link to purchase!!

Shoes $16.99 // Bag $35



Ashley xoxo 


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