Same Outfit Different Accessories


Hi ladies!! One of my favorite things to do is switch up my accessories to create an entirely new look to my outfit!! I love to take a super casual look and add a few different pieces to make it a more “dressed up” look. Perfect for a date night or girls night out!!

With this outfit, I was out running errands and then later in the evening I had to go to dinner for my mother in laws birthday and I wanted a more dressed up look! So I added my favorite heeled boots, a statement necklace, and one of my favorite floppy hats! I feel like changing up my accessories completely changed this outfit!! I didn’t have to take a ton of time to pick out an entire new outfit, I simply added a few different accessories!

I love creating looks like this to help give you ladies a better idea on how you can achieve two different looks from one outfit! Let me know if you like seeing these posts and I will try and get one up every week!

I have linked my exact plaid top below for you!! It is on clearance for $20!! Click on the picture for a direct link to purchase!! xoxo


Thank you so much for stopping by!




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