Andi’s First Disneyland Trip


CA Adventure. This was right when the park opened. I love enjoying the parks before the crowds get crazy! 
The Haunted Mansion. One of our favorite rides! 
I love the area surrounding Indiana Jones! So beautiful! 
This was on the balcony of our hotel (The Grand Californian Hotel)
Andi meeting Woody in FrontierLand 
California Adventure was the best place to get a picture with the Characters! The lines were much shorter and went quicker than Disneyland! 
The Jungle Cruise was a great ride for Andi to go on! She loved it! 


My sister and I got to run around California Adventure for a few hours while Grandma and Grandpa watched Andi! 
We had the best first trip with Andi! We missed my hubby very much though! (He had to work!)

Hi girls!

I am so happy to share with you our first trip to Disneyland with Andi! It was absolutely wonderful and she was such an angel! I hope to share some helpful tips and tricks when bringing a baby to Disneyland!

You can still go to Disneyland when you have an infant! I know that it may seem stressful taking a baby to Disneyland, but it doesn’t have to be. Disneyland has a wonderful Baby Center located at the end of Main Street. They have anything and everything you need; baby food, formula, sunscreen, medicine, a changing room, and a quiet room with rocking chairs so you can nurse! It was so wonderful to know I had it to go to. Disneyland is so accommodating to all moms and babies.

Getting up first thing in the morning and heading to the Parks is the best! You get to enjoy the crowd-less lands and just enjoy the scenery. We were able to ride so many rides before lunch time and before the crowds came. Having my parents there was so helpful with Andi. They took turns watching her so that we could each go on rides together, help me feed her, changer her, and push the stroller.

Staying at the Grand Californian Hotel is always such an amazing treat. It is located in CA Adventure and so convenient to get to Downtown Disney, Disneyland, and ,of course, CA Adventure. Staying here was perfect with Andi. If we needed to get back to the room to put her to sleep or to rest, it was such a quick walk to do so. You also get into the parks an hour early when you stay at a Disneyland Hotel! The decor and atmosphere of the Hotel is so incredible and we absolutely love staying there.

No matter how old I get, I will never stop loving meeting the characters. Now that I have Andi, it is even more fun. You can meet the characters in both parks, but, I thought the lines in CA Adventure were much shorter than Disneyland and they went much quicker.

Overall, we had such a memorable and wonderful trip. I can’t wait to take Andi back again.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s post!


Ashley xoxo


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