Bad Owl Coffee


The Iced Vanilla Latte was delicious! 
My husband said it was the best egg and bacon he may have ever had and he loved the waffles as well! 
The Avocado toast was absolutely incredible! I loved the egg and balsamic glaze on top! 


The letters were hanging from the ceiling! 


I spy a sorting hat and a few Harry Potter books!

Happy Monday girls! The day is over!! Woohoo! Tonight, I am sharing with you the cutest coffee shop of all time. If you are a Harry Potter fan and a coffee fan, you are about to be mind blown!!!

My hubby took me to Vegas for a quick trip for my birthday and on the way home we stopped at Bad Owl Coffee. I heard of it before and followed their Instagram page for a long time. I had been dying to go for the longest time because the coffee shop is based off Harry Potter.

I loved it because it didn’t look like Harry Potter threw up all over the place, there were just very subtle hints of it. Each one of the round tables had a quirky Harry Potter saying and Hedwig was the wifi password. A few coffee drinks and food menu items had a Harry Potter reference and it had the coolest atmosphere.

The food was wonderful and fresh. The coffee was just as good. I got the Avocado toast and my hubby got the waffles. The coffee was the perfect drink for the long drive home. I also got the cutest tank from the coffee shop as a souvenir

Next time you are in Vegas you have to stop at Bad Owl Coffee! You won’t be disappointed and I can’t wait to go again.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed tonights post!

Ashley xoxo


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